Vote on the next Crop to Cup T-Shirt!

Help us choose the next Crop to Cup t-shirt!  We’ve enlisted Brooklyn-based designer and Brooklyn Flea neighbor, Live Poultry (and their hip digital model dude), to spice up the Crop to Cup tee.  We settled on these final two designs and want YOU to help us decide which one to send to the silk screens.  So, brew up a pot of coffee, put your thinkin’ cap on, and VOTE! And please send out this link to invite your friends to vote!

We will announce the winner on Wednesday August 5th via our twitter page

Note that we’ll be printing both a light and dark tee – most likely a coffee-brown (like the photos) and a gray.

You can vote right here in our nifty poll. Click each image to see a larger version. Get a magnifying glass to see an even larger version. Once you’ve chosen either A or B, click the “Vote” button at the bottom of the poll. duh.

YES – after you vote, comments and suggestions are welcome in the comments/Leave a Response section below.


17 responses to “Vote on the next Crop to Cup T-Shirt!

  1. I really hope you go with option 2. While I am so excited about your mission and the work you do, I think that putting a PoC farmer on a tee shirt most likely to be worn by white people has the potential to be really offensive. I find the design a little offensive, just on its own.

  2. I love both the designs! I like the farmer on option A because it emphasizes the farmer connection aspect of C2C–not only can you e-mail the actual farmer who grew your coffee, you can wear him! Despite this, option B is my pick 🙂

  3. I agree that option A has the potential to be taken the wrong way. But aside from that I think the simplicity of option B makes for a more simple, welcoming design. I didn’t know that Option A has an email address for the actual farmer — can you put that on Option B too?

  4. I dont see how A could be offensive. Further, the (hypothetical) race of the wearer is irrelevant. The design is simply a depiction of the product and its source. Design A is a much more interesting design, and if the purpose of the shirt is advertising, e.g. catching someone’s eye, then eliciting a brand association and name memory, you definitely go with A. Looking at a person’s face is more interesting than hands, and thus more likely to have a customer log the “c2c” name into memory.

  5. Ooh, go with ‘B’. I know ‘A’ means well and the smile may very well be real but I can’t help but think of an over-the-top politically correct Starbucks-style marketing strategy. I also think it’s a mistake to match a face to a brand. The hands are wonderful and carry meaning without unnecessary alienation/association.

  6. I Like them both, but prefer A. I don’t agree that A is offensive. I’m a bellagona (whitey) and have a couple of Obama shirts…..are they offensive? I don’t think so. I go with Casey, believing that the face is a more interesting design than the hands.

  7. Definitely B – the A one looks like the women is praising God or something (though I know she is picking coffee or something, right?)

  8. I just like the design on A better…it is more eye catching…a smile goes a long way!! 🙂

  9. I like A, but unfortunately, when worn, it looks like the farmer is giving a t-twister so i say B

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