Join us in Uganda – Coffee Safari Fall 2009

Hello Friends!
Are you interested in meeting the farmers who grow your coffee? Well now there’s more than just email and our online videos: Crop to Cup’s 2009 Uganda Coffee Safari!

We’ll be flying to Uganda most likely in mid-November to work with coffee farmers, friends and non-profit and export partners. Why not join us, and contribute to the process and communities that make your mornings bright? The exciting 2009 main crop coffee harvest will be in full swing – not to miss!

Activities will include tours of multiple microregions within the Bugisu region, workshops with farmers, volunteer work on various nonprofit projects and of course many coffee tastings and free-time to enjoy the amazing sights of Uganda (rafting the Nile, Nat’l Park safaris, hippie islands, volunteering with nonprofit projects around Uganda and more).

Airfare is (as of today) estimated at $1200-$1500 RT including taxes from a major US airport to Entebbe. We will arrange all lodging and transport for you, and we can offer all price ranges for lodging – from $15-$200/night!

Join us and see for yourself why the world’s best coffee comes from the world’s best people and the world’s most beautiful place!

email Taylor for more details: taylor (at) croptocup (dot) com

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