How long until your coffee goes south?

Unlike wine, coffee does not get better with age. If you are keeping your coffee out, we suggest using an airtight container (ceramic or glass is best) to store your beans. In there, the will last about a month. Don’t store it in the fridge. If you have a supply greater than one month, freeze the unused beans, and then restock in the airtight container when they are ready to be used.

PS: Did you know that when you buy coffee at a grocery store, your beans can be up to 6 months old? That’s right, you’ll often find coffee that has been aging for half-a-year on many shelves, even in the major chains! When you order from Crop To Cup online, your coffee is always shipped within 10 days of the coffee roast. If you are part of our coffee club, your coffee will leave our doors while it’s still hot – less than 12 hours after the roast. Compare that to the potential 6 month (yes, that’s right, half-a-year) old coffee that you’ll often find on grocery store shelves. That’s right, don’t take coffee from strangers.


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