New Crop Uganda Bugisu just arrived!

Hot off the press – new crop Uganda Bugisu has arrived! This is a single-A Mt. Elgon Uganda Bugisu, fully washed Arabica. Touched US soil last week, and we broke open the container today. Check out the killer bag markings!

So, if you’re a roasted coffee customer know that, starting next week, all your Uganda coffee, French roast, and Citizen’s Espresso Blend will be FRESH crop.

If you’re a roaster customer, contact us soon to get your hands on some of this new crop. We have about 150 bags remaining so get it while its hot (and fresh, and green, and freakin’ tasty, and perfect for your roaster)! All beans are stored in Continental Terminals in NJ, and we can truck any volume of bags (132 lbs each) anywhere in the country.

yeeeeee-haw! we’re pumped, now come join in the fun!

2 responses to “New Crop Uganda Bugisu just arrived!

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