Nothin’ but Nice – Saltie opens in Williamsburg

OK, it’s time to put it out there: Caroline Fidanza, Elizabeth Schula and Rebecca Collerton – the sandwich, ice cream and sweets geniuses that recently opened up Saltie – are perhaps the nicest people EVER. Walk in their shop on Metropolitan Ave and you’ll be bowled over by the amount of smiles and care they bestow upon people – from customers, to suppliers, to health inspectors. Trust me – you’ll develop a [triple] friend crush almost immediately.

More importantly – at least for purposes of this critically acclaimed, widely read and most intelligent blog – they are nice to food!   They’re so nice to food that you’ll walk out of Saltie feeling the deliberate and delicate craft that goes into each cozy cake or scrumptuous sandwich, and that they probably rest their flour sacks and shiny whisks on down pillows at the end of each night.  Sorry – I’m straying. This is a blog about coffee, not down.

My point is that the Saltie trio is so nice to food that you are going to be amazed by the care they put into their coffee. In the coffee world, care means French pressing – caring about flavor only and not about the increased cleaning and limited volumes that come with pressing coffee in a busy cafe environment.

Evidence: their iced coffee: double strength brewed in small volumes in a glass press pot, then poured immediately over ice to lock in the coffee’s natural sweetness and smoothness, and showcase its thick chocolate and light fruit tones. Saltie is the first cafe to bring on Crop to Cup’s new Iced African – our special blend for iced coffee brewing only (a post-roast blend, with visibly different roast levels between beans). And no better place to launch it than at Saltie!  

Really…go check out Saltie. In the words of Borat, “It’s Nice!”

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