Contrary to Edible Brooklyn article, former Greenspaces space alive and kickin’!

If you’re reading this month’s Edible Brooklyn article titled “Brooklyn Green Spaces R.I.P.” (in the newest print edition, but not yet on their website) and wondering if Crop to Cup, Sea to Table, Kumquat Cupcakery, FarmsReach and other food and sustainability-focused bussinesses of 33 Flatbush Ave have gone off to, don’t worry….we’re still here! While the article is correct in noting that “Greenspaces” – the business that used to manage the 5th floor shared working space – has departed and is now located at its new digs in Chinatown, it does not mention that many former Greenspaces members are still here, with a newly formed low-cost “co-op” working space, and are already launching new initiatives such as MEx Food.

Not to worry – the coffee is still flowin’, the cupcakes are still bakin’, and the fish is still being sent out to NYC’s best restaurants. CSA pickups still here, rooftop garden still blooming, and “cool old office furniture and commercial kitchen equipment” still here – same as it was, now just with a new co-op vibe. While we’re already growing quickly (in both the kitchen and desk areas), there’s still room for more kitchen and office co-op members.

In regards to Greenspaces/Edible’s publishing of a rent claim against the building owner at 33 Flatbush, it does not consider the dozens of other entrepreneurs, artists, writers and others in this building who have worked here happily and successfully for years…and continue to. For the other side of the story, stop on by whenever!

-Taylor, Crop to Cup


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