B2B sales – our waste your treasure!

It was a pleasure having our friends from foundation4 up at the Crop to Cup office today. Drew and I have been talking for a while about working out some jute bag deal and it finally came to fruition. Terrible quality photo aside, we had a great time looking over our stock of jute bags (our coffee from Uganda arrives in them, 20 tons at a time), talking about great companies doing good things in Brooklyn, NYC and beyond, and about cool products that make treasures out of other companies’ waste streams. EcoSystems (our neighbors here in the 33 Flatbush Ave building) takes a lot of commercial waste streams and figures out what sort of marketable products can be made out of them. And, as you can gather from their website, foundation4 does a lot of it too.

Anyway, it’s great to be connected with partners like this, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what sort of beautiful creations Drew makes with these jute bags. I hear rumors of antique chair reupholstering and even a piano seat! Assuming the weather holds, he may even have a creation or two ready for the Brooklyn Flea this weekend (we’re neighbors there too!).

Here’s the mission of foundation4…they’re awesome, visit their website and stop by their Flea booth this Saturday (they’re not far from ours)

“foundation: the basis or groundwork for anything…

good design is governed by the most basic ideals of form and function. our mission at foundation4 is to provide a sanctuary for the best and most thoughtfully designed items on the planet with an assortment of goods intended to be practical, relevant, and timeless. we believe that design should be a conduit for social responsibility. every product we offer supports those who work to better the planet and its inhabitants. foundation4’s continuing goal is to make available a means to purchase useful and desirable goods designed with humanity in mind.

the future of our world depends on the decisions we make today.”


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