First Cupping Notes from our new crop Uganda Bugisu ’09 – “Mr. Clean”

Hot off the press! Our friend Chad Sheridan down at No Quarter Coffee – a top source for home roasters looking for specialty green beans – recently sent us detailed cupping notes from our latest import of Uganda Bugisu Mt. Elgon (see map below). Thanks Chad!

We welcome all feedback from roasters, cuppers, etc, so if we’ve sent you samples already and you would like to post comments on it, please do so here. If you’d like a green sample sent out, then please contact us at east[at]croptocup[dot]com and we’ll send it right over.

Over the past few weeks we (at Crop to Cup) have been blown over by this new crop and this year’s real explosion of flavor in the cup. Last year’s crop was beautiful as well – very smooth, chocolaty and light fruity (a real crowd pleaser) – but this year we are seeing a lot more complexity, bursting juicy flavor and wild (good) abandon. Not just a crowd pleaser, but a crowd wower. And super clean. It is really a much more exotic coffee than we’ve been seeing out of Uganda over the past few years, and we’re pumped to be carrying it in the Crop to Cup brand and through our roaster customers awesome coffees and blends around the country.

OK, drumroll please….Chad’s comments:

Uganda Bugisu
Two samples roasted in a hottop to City+ and Full City
Cupped at 5 and 7 days rest

• Fragrance: malt, molasses, slighy floral, spice hint, richer molasses at Full City
• Aroma: toasted grain, slight malt, slight praline–noughat and toasted almond at the darker roast: malt, spice, toasted nuts, sweet floral, and a hint of tea on the break

Flavor: complex, incredibly clean, slight floral hints, caramel and milk chocolate (city+), molasses, toffee and dark chocolate (full city), sweetens as it cools with slight tree fruit notes

Aftertaste: extremely clean, slight tea notes, hints of praline as it cools (city+); slight spice, bakers chocolate and hazelnut (full city)

Acidity: tartaric, soft, slight tree fruit
• Intensity: medium to medium-low

Body: round, juicy, creamy–more creamy with the darker roast
• Weight: medium

Balance: excellent balance, improving as it cools

Overall: excellent, clean coffee. Call this one Mr. Clean. The acidity is present, but the coffee just slides in. It’s flavors are transparent and clear throughout the cup. Works at both roast levels, though I prefered the City+ roast with a slight advantage in aromatic notes. Body improved slightly with the darker roast, and the caramels and chocolate deepened. Not a heavy chocolate, more of a hint with more dominant malt, caramel, toffee and molasses combination. Sweetness improves with cooling, and the slight tree fruit comes to the fore. Cleanly finishes, where the nutty hints emerge. Better than last year’s crop–especially the clean aspects of the cup. Highly recommmended.

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