Village Voice’s props to C2C friends Saltie and Nunu Chocolates

Hey there folks. long time no see – we’ve been packing orders and resting up since our trip to Uganda and Burundi (see the 8 posts about our trip below); but fear not – we’re still alive and blogging! Well, kinda. It’s more like hyperlinking actually.

NY’s Village Voice has been chock-full of posts about our friends recently. Yesterday they wrote about the community effort (Crop to Cup included!) involved in the opening of Justine Pringle and Andy Laird’s Nunu Chocolates wine/beer/coffee/chocolate bar over on Atlantic Ave. See the Nunu article here. I (taylor) spent the evening with their awesome selection of wine and beer last night, and I can attest to this place’s awesomeness. Definitely worth your time if you’re in the neighborhood (Atlantic and 3rd Ave in Brooklyn) and looking for a tasty hot chocolate, coffee, wine, beer or box of chocolaty holiday gifts.

Then, today, VV had some great things to say about our friends over at Saltie in Williamsburg. See the Saltie article here. I’m glad they mentioned my favorite sandwich in the world – the super delicious and perfectly messy “scuttlebutt.” VV has all the details about why you should go eat at Saltie immediately, but if you’re looking for more reasons then go check out our post from a few months back, here. Now go to Metropolitan Ave at Havemeyer and see for yourself.


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