C2C Holiday Gift Baskets are Here!

Just in time for your holiday shopping…The Crop to Cup Gift Bakset is now up and running on our brand spankin’ new shopping page.  Check out the new gift baskets here.

This year’s baskets are really impressive, mainly becuase of the basket piece itself!  During our sourcing trip in Uganda last month, Crop to Cup staffers visited dozens and dozens of stalls at Kampala’s various markets, and we found the best that their craft basket makers have to offer.  The baskets are all handwoven from strips of large dried leaves and dried grass, all with fantastic colors popular in local goods.

The gift cards that come with the baskets are also all handmade.  A local disabled adults organization in Uganda supplies gift cards to the various markets around Kampala, and we always love picking up a few of these when we’re down there.  Our cards this year are white, with elegant local designs made from cut pieces of dried banana leaf, with varying colors of dark brown, light brown and black in the dried leaf.  They have a very simple and natural feel to them.

Best of all, we have 3 options to fit any of your budgets.  The Handwoven basket option, with 2 bags of family-farmed coffee (any type, any grind/bean), farmer cards for you to meet the families who grow your coffee,  a Don’t Take Coffee from Strangers mug  and a gift card is $39.99, and that same configuration but with a standard basket (non-Ugandan, plain) is $29.99.  For those of you really looking to impress this holiday season, try out our Bounty Basket, which includes the Ugandan basket, the Don’t Take Coffee From Strangers mug, farmer cards, two bags of coffee, a Crop to Cup travel mug, gift card, farmer cards and a bag of freshly baked Early Bird Farmhand’s Choice Granola (the best granola you’ll ever have…trust us).  The Bounty is $54.99.

If you email us and reference your order number right after you order, we can customize any basket with your special gift message written in the card, or whip up a funky request like 1 bag whole bean, 1 bag espresso grind.  Anything is possible!

We can ship out baskets to your home/office or straight to the recipients, and if you submit your order by noon EST then your order ships same day.  Transit time is 1 day around NY/NJ/CT/Philly/etc, 2 days to Chicago and nearby, and 3-4 days for other locations.  So if you haven’t already, get over to our gift basket page and take care of all your holiday shopping now!

The "Handwoven" Gift Basket Option

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