2 new Ugandan micro-origins arrived at C2C

Fantastic news – our new harvest Ugandan beans are now stateside, roasted and ready for y’all (also available green for you roasters).  Wholesale deliveries within NYC will begin receiving the fresh new crop in their Ugandan orders this week and next week, and that will begin next week in Chicago.  We’ll be offering you the choice of two fabulous micro-regions.

The first, Kapchorwa, is a farmers-group coffee – pulped, washed and dried by individuals in small-scale backyard processes.  Kapchorwa is along the northern slopes of Mt. Elgon, away from the standard Bugisu regions.  It’s got a fantastic complexity and body that we think you’ll find rare for normal Ugandan beans.

The second is from the Gibuzale washing station, smack in the middle of the Bugisu region and high up the slopes of Mt. Elgon.  Cool nights and a highly controlled washing station process give this coffee a sweetness and cleanliness that really shines on your tounge.  Look for berry tones that are rare in Ugandan beans. Kapchorwa and Gibuzale are also available for our roaster customers buying green beans.

Call us today for a bean quote and shipping quote from our warehouse in New Jersey (we get some pretty bad-ass trucking rates and we’re happy to pass them along to you).

french roast sampling at C2C Brooklyn

sampling of new origins via French press at C2C Brooklyn

Kapchorwa Coffee - small-scale pulping

Kapchorwa Coffee - small-scale pulping

Gibuzale Washing Station - Drying Coffee

Gibuzale Washing Station - Drying Coffee

One response to “2 new Ugandan micro-origins arrived at C2C

  1. FYI, that’s Keavy from Kumquat Cupcakery in the background. She liked the Kapchorwa the best. I (taylor) liked the Gibuzale the best. Tough call though. they’re both fantastic

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