Crop to Cup opens cafe in Bklyn!

In case you haven’t heard from our raucous pals on their blogs and twitter, take note that your’s truly, your favorite coffee Co. and the coolest crew around (well, maybe not the latter…we’re still settling into the whole barista thang) – Crop to Cup Coffee Co has opened its first retail location!  We’re at 139 Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, NY.  Right on the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill border.

There’s so much going on here, its hard for us to wrap our heads around it all. Perhaps bullet points will help.

  • “139 Atlantic” co-op retail space, including furniture, flower tea, coffee and clothing for sale
  • weekly dropoff point for the Basis Good Food to You program. sign up and receive farm-fresh products for your home weekly!
  • tasty, happy-cow milk via Basis and Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, NY
  • pastries and goodies, all baked in house by the co-op’s head chef, Sarah Haas. boiled sourdough bagels, pancake poppers (freakin’ amazing!), cookies and more.  offerings will change daily
  • Kumquat Cupcakery cupcakes, including a special TBD flavor available ONLY at the C2C cafe.  We’re holding a contest to come up with the official C2C-Kumquat flavor. SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS BY MAKING A COMMENT ON THIS POST!  flavor idea doesn’t necessarily need to include coffee.
  • Early Bird Granola, McClure’s Pickles, Nunu Chocolates!  Just a few of our friends from the Brooklyn Flea whom we will feature often
  • iced espresso horchata.  that’s correct. you heard it right.  iced espresso horchata.  organic horchata made in-house
  • and, of course, amazing espresso, farmer-direct coffee, beans, C2C t-shirts, and more

So what are you waiting for!  Come visit us soon. We’ll be open 7:30-6 on weekdays. weekend hours TBD.

Can’t make it to our cafe?  Let our cafe come to you – order beans sent to your home here.


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