full food menu now at the Crop to Cup Cafe!

We now have a full food menu at The Coop on Atlantic! FYI, that’s the co-op retail space in Brooklyn Heights that houses the Crop to Cup Cafe and other local businesses. The Co-op has an awesome new food company, called Bread Meats Bread, and they’re now onsite daily working hard for your tastebuds. Below is a bit of info on BMB as well as our full menu and some pics. Stop by soon!

Bread Meats Bread is pleased to announce the formal opening of its flagship location at The Co-op on Atlantic. Bread Meats Bread is a casual food company that uses locally-sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients to create wholesome and flavorful affordable food served in a comfortable setting. Founded by Brian Donahoe, a formally trained chef with nearly a decade of fine dining experience, Bread Meats Bread relies on traditional culinary techniques to build foundations of flavor. Fresh herbs and vegetables, and slow cooked, labor-intensive cuts of meat are the menu’s cornerstones. On weekdays, Bread Meats Bread offers sandwiches, salads, made-from-scratch muffins, croissants and other baked goods; the weekend menu features similar items as well as innovative interpretations of brunch favorites. Bread Meats Bread also offers baked goods for wholesale. Want to find out more? Email breadmeatsbread@gmail.com.

Opening hours: M-F 7:30am-6pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 9am-5pm


Food from Bread Meats Bread

From Scratch
Croissants- plain, country pâté and gruyère
Scones- plain, raisin
Muffins- bran, strawberry rhubarb, banana, apple walnut, zucchini
Cookies- oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip

Kaffir lime leaf chicken, pickled red onions, basil, mint, and cilantro on a baguette

Roast pork shoulder, umeboshi bbq sauce, radishes, arugula, and cilantro on a whole wheat roll

Asparagus, organic chèvre, pickled red pepper, mizuna, and cilantro on a pumpernickel hero

Fried eggs (2), bacon, goat cheddar, confit shallots, and basil
on a whole wheat roll

All sandwiches are served with a mizuna salad, Bread is smeared with a chili garlic aioli. Please let us know if you’d prefer regular mayo or none at all.

Weekend Brunch
Asparagus, hour eggs (2), feta, breakfast links, toast

Eggs any way (2), your choice of bacon or breakfast links, toast

Ricotta Pancakes (3), fresh fruit, maple syrup

Lemongrass semi-cured house smoked salmon, toasted baguette, cream cheese, caper dressing

Coffee by Crop to Cup

Drip Brew Coffee (s, m, l)
Single Cup Brew via Clever Coffee Dripper (s, m, l)
Macchiato / Cortado
Latte (s, m, l)
Iced Coffee (s, l)
Iced Latte (s, l)
Iced Espresso Horchata (s,l)

All milk is from Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, NY. Coffee origins include Uganda Kapchorwa, Uganda Gibuzaale, Ethiopia Sidamo, Burundi Bwayi, Brazil Santos and Mexico Chiapas. Horchata is made in-house and is non-dairy and nut-free.


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