Qathra Cafe open in Ditmas Park serving C2C brew and espresso!

In Ditmas Park? Our buddy Max just opened up Qathra, a beautiful cafe he spent 9 months building by hand – including bar and shelving all from construction dumpster-diving wood. Check out the massive outdoor space as well, including old-school Snoopy paintings on the walls, presumably leftover from a daycare way back in the day. Max even painted a few new animals onto the scene!

Anyway, the coffee is awesome (duh) since he’s got some kick-ass baristas and a powerhouse machine. They’re currently serving our Uganda Bugisu on drip and pourover, JuJu Espresso and Mexico Chiapas Decaf. Oh, and while the weather is still warm they have our Iced African chilly, brewed using C2C’s ideal recipe.

Pastries from Balthazar and Brooklyn’s own Bread Meats Bread, and some damn nice iced and hot teas from Rishi.

Oh, and since Max is a culinary genius they’re going to have some amazing hummus and baba ghannouj. We’ve tried both and they are out of this world. Truly a nice break from all the sub par hummus and baba around town these days! He has a secret for his eggplant that I’m unfortunately not allowed to disclose.

Stop on by! 1112 Cortelyou Rd, Ditmas Park Brooklyn. Easy walk from the B or Q trains.

Leina has a nice photo of the spot at Ditmas Park Blog
and a commenter there posted some more pics.

somebody get these guys on yelp


3 responses to “Qathra Cafe open in Ditmas Park serving C2C brew and espresso!

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  2. I don’t like Qathra. I was not impressed with there customer service or the tea that they served me. I mean, if I am spending alot of money on a so-so drink, I should get at least average service. I know that you people, the owner and barista, are just starting out, but act like you give a sh*t about your paying customer. Be lucky that a Starbucks is not in the neighborhood or you people would have been out of business a long time ago.
    Manoj Patel

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