Burundi Trip Begins…What to Expect

Taylor here, recently arrived here in Bujumbura and for about 3 weeks starting tomorrow I’ll be up at the Buhorwa Washing Station, whose coffee many of you may have tried through C2C.  Dan (C2C Brooklyn) will be joining me on the 15th.

In case any of you would like to follow our trip or are looking to learn more about coffee  processing and sourcing, here’s a bit of what you can expect from our trip:

– An unscientific report on “trickle down” of current world market prices to the farmer level.  We all know world coffee prices are crazy high right now, but there has been little info out there about what this actually means for smallholder family farmers (several stages removed from the point of export, where that “world market price” is paid)

–  Farmer profiles and stories from the families who are growing your coffee around Burhowa

– Water and other environmental issues.  Washing station coffee has the potential to not be so nice on the surrounding environment (and poor water quality coming INTO the washing station is not so nice on coffee quality).  We’ll be looking at what is being done in the water, organic fertlizer and other environmental arenas.

– A few casual coffee quality experiments, such as different techniques for drying coffee, washing and fermentation times, etc.

– Detailed micro-region data.  How many different climates and types of terroir can be attributed to the coffee that is collected at this station?  This will hopefully lead us to discovering some specific flavor profiles that may come from different appellations.

– A better understanding of all the challenges involved in getting your coffee from its cherry form on the tree to its export-ready green form.

– Lots more photos videos and stories!

– Anything specific you want researched?  Comment on this post and we’ll try our best for ya

We would love your feedback for the farmers and washing station staff!  Email us or post comments here and we’ll deliver your messages.

Keep checking our blog often!   Pics will be posted here, and more comprehensively on my picasa page.


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