The Return of Coffee Classes

Autumn and Back to School are synonymous—a pairing not lost on the folks at Crop to Cup Coffee Co. In the spirit of the season we are once again offering coffee classes for all. Whether you are a seasoned barista or new to specialty coffee join us at our Brooklyn brew bar to learn a bit more about how we get the wonderful flavors of our beans into your cup.

Our handy course catalog:


Espresso 101

Think only the barista is capable of unlocking the mysteries of espresso? Think again. In our introductory espresso class you will learn the make-up of a proper shot and how to grind, tamp, and pull one of your very own. We’ll also review espresso drinks and how to texture milk for the smoothest and sweetest lattes and cappuccinos. Classes for intermediate and advanced students are available by appointment.

Cost – $35

Alternative Brew Methods 101

Tired of your home auto-dripper? Looking for bolder, more expressive flavors from your morning cup of joe? In our alternative brew methods class you will discover all the myriad ways we make coffee at our brew bar and learn skills to bring back to your home. Pourovers, Chemex, clever dripper, French press—you’ll choose a bean and guide it through all our different devices to see how each affects the taste of your coffee.

Cost – $30

Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7pm and usually run for about 2 hours. Look on the event schedule page for details about course offerings. To sign up send a message to c2cbrewbar [at] gmail [dot] com with your desired date and class or call us at (917) 531-8754 for more information.

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