Join us on the 2012 East Africa Origin Trip!

CUP MEETS CROP – Crop to Cup is bringing coffee home this October.


Open Invite Origin Trip

We are organizing a guided trip to Burundi and Uganda this October. We will meet with farmers, help with the harvest, and have fun too.

A group of us coffee lovers are visiting farmers in Burundi to provide feedback on last year’s harvest, and to break ground on a community coffee tree seedling nursery, called the Bukeye Seedling Project . Then we travel to Uganda during harvest to provide input on harvesting, washing, drying and lot separation through the dry mill. We will provide valuable feedback to farmers, strengthen our (and your) relationships with these farmers, and come out of it with a lot of memories and a good line of sight on what coffees we will import in early 2013.  We will visit the Buhorwa Washing Station in Burundi, the micro-regions of Mt. Elgon in Uganda, and meet partners in Bujumbura, Kampala and Mbale.

During this trip you will experience coffee as a seedling, tree, berry, nut, delicacy and – more importantly – a livelihood and a lifestyle. You will meet the people responsible for all stages of coffee’s life-cycle from the crop to your cup. We will ask you to provide feedback and share your expertise and ideas.

Join us for 8 days in Burundi, 6 days in Uganda, and the option to stay on longer for mountain climbing, wildlife safari, rafting the Nile, or gorilla trekking.

All in all, we will be in East Africa for about 14 days (12 full days). The cost for all in-countrytravel, guides, events and accommodation is $2,600. This covers all of the basics, such as transport, airport transfers, 13 nights hotel, breakfasts, and food and drink at four hosted group dinner events.  It also covers the cost of hiring a videographer to help capture new relationships as they are being made, and a $200 donation to a community project of your choice, so that we come as more than tourists.

If you are interested in joining our trip, please contact us today!

WHO: All are welcome. Baristas, coffee roasters, cafe and restaurant owners, coffee lovers and friends!

WHEN: October 20th – November 1st 2012 (dates with scheduled activities in Africa)


Bujumbura Burundi (capital city)
Bukeye Burundi (farms)
Lake Tanganyika Burundi (beach)
Kampala Uganda (capital city)
Jinja Uganda (source of the Nile river)
Mbale Uganda (coffee cooperative)
Sipi Falls Uganda (hiking / rappelling)
Buginyanya Uganda (farms)

Kapchorwa, Uganda

Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura, Burundi

Coffee Fields near Buhorwa Washing Station, Burundi

Farmers at Training, Nyaucambo Hill, Burundi

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