New Year, New Intern



New Year, New Intern

Hi Coffee Drinkers,

I’m Hillary Pollak, Crop to Cup’s newest intern.  I’m currently a senior at NYU, studying sustainable food and alternative health.  As an avid coffee drinker, I’m excited to learn more about the industry, from brewing methods to sourcing.  I’ll be sharing my discoveries with you, so get ready for a lot more content.

I’ll have a couple of new series, including:

Better Brewing Methods: Experiments with all the coffee gadgets you keep seeing.  Don’t know how to use a Chemex? I’ll show you.

Sourcing:  Wonder how you daily coffee gets to you?  I’ll be blogging about the entire process, including growing, roasting, and brewing coffee.

The Ethics of Coffee:  For a seemingly simple drink, there’s a lot behind coffee.  Its sourcing and production has significant moral and environmental concerns.  I’ll be exploring these issues so you can be more conscious about your coffee consumption.

Look out for more to come!


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