Please consider donating towards providing relief for Mt. Sinabung refugees

It’s going to be a white Christmas in central Sumatra this year. Not snow, though; ash.

Mount Sinabung, Indonesia Volcano eruption

This is because Mt. Sinabung is erupting. This volcano has been shooting ash miles into the air for weeks now – the government has evacuated an estimated 17,000 people from around the mountain’s base and most people are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

This directly impacts the coffee farming community with whom we work in Simalungun (Sumatra, Indonesia), and we are putting the word out that there are people who could use your help this holiday season.  Here at Crop to Cup we are organizing an appeal for donations – made here or through the Donate button at the bottom of this post.

The largest shelter near Simalungun is called Tiga Binanga; it is currently housing 2,500 people. They are organized, and even have a Facebook page you can check in on for updates.  You can follow this link to read their initial proposal for support from the government, and read below for a breakdown of the refugees they serve.

  • Total number of Refugees 2.447
    • Women 1.141
    • Men 1.306
    • Children below 1 year:    18
    • Children between 1 and 3 years:     62
    • Children between 3 and 5 years:     130
    • Children in Kindergarden:    42 (23W/19M)
    • Children in Primary school:     316 (145W/171M)
    • Children in Secondary school:     179 (85W/94M)
    • Children in High school:    95 (31W/64M)
    • Pregnant women:     7
    • Women breastfeeding:     41
    • Elderly:     221

Data per November 30, 2013

I’ve heard that their immediate needs include fresh food – the government has provided rice, noodles and dried fish only. Also diapers for babies and for the elderly, as well as underwear and socks for children and adults.
We have established a contact there through whom we can make and track donations; if you are interested in making a donation or getting involved, it would be a great gift to give this Christmas. Any amount helps.

Please click here for their most recent “Situation Report” (SitRep), and contact me with any questions as to how your funds would be put to work :

If you have the bandwidth to make a personal donation, it would be put to good use. If you can forward this to your friends, or like their page on Facebook, this helps too. If you run a business and would like to hear some ideas for a month-long donation drive I am organizing, please email me – these refugees will be here for a while. We plan on making one donation before Christmas, and another by the end of January.

Please click below to donate – thank you!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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